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2020-11-17 21:34:02


365bet备用网址-There is a new substance that is harder than diamond. Its called Q-carbon, and it was created by researchers at North Carolina State University.北卡罗莱纳州而立大学的研究人员研发出有一种取名为“Q-碳”的新物质,其硬度比钻石还低。The only place it may be found in the natural world would be possibly in the core of some planets, Jay Narayan, lead author on the papers describing the work, said ibeat365亚洲官方网站n a statement.研究论文的第一作者杰伊·纳拉杨在声明中说道:“自然界中,有可能也就只有在某些行星的内核处能寻找这种物质了。”Before its discovery, there were two distinct forms of solid carbon: graphite and diamond. Q-carbon is not only harder than diamond, but also glows when exposed to low levels of energy. That could make it very useful for creating strong, bright screens for electronic devices.该物质被找到前,液体碳只有两种有所不同形态:石墨和钻石。


Researchers created the Q-carbon by blasting material covered in amorphous carbon (i.e. carbon without a crystalline structure) with a single laser pulse.要想要分解Q-碳,研究人员须要利用单脉冲激光冲激材料表面的无定形碳(即无晶体结构的碳)。They can cool the material to create either Q-carbon or tiny diamonds. Those diamonds could be used to build things such as microneedles for medical use, or electronics that can withstand extremely high temperatures for other industries.然后将材料加热,才可获得Q-碳或碎钻。这种钻石可以用来制作医用微型针头,或是用来生产能耐极端高温的工业电子元件。And it is all done at room temperature and at ambient atmosphere — were basically using a laser like the ones used for laser eye surgery, Narayan said. So, not only does this allow us to develop new applications, but the process itself is relatively inexpensive.“这一系列过程都是在室温和普通的大气环境下已完成的,我们所用的激光也和眼部激光手术用的那种差不多,”纳拉杨说。