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beat365亚洲官方网站:软银 阿里巴巴 富士康将合资推机器人

2020-11-25 21:34:01


365bet备用网址:SoftBank, the tech group founded by Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son, is forming a robotics venture with ecommerce group Alibaba and Apple supplier Foxconn, betting big on the future growth of intelligent personal robots.由日本亿万富翁孙正义(Masayoshi Son)创立的科技集团软银(Softbank),正在与电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)及苹果(Apple)供应商富士康(Foxconn)正式成立机器人合资企业,乘机押注于智能个人机器人的未来快速增长。Mr Son and Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, predicted a future when robots would become smarter than humans, saying robots connected to the internet would be the future of innovation.孙正义与阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)预测未来的机器人将不会比人类更聪明,他们称之为与互联网相连的机器人将不会是创意的未来方向。


“Robots are going to be as popular as cars,” Mr Ma said yesterday in a joint appearance with Mr Son on the outskirts of Tokyo. “They will be everywhere and I think we all have to get ready for that.”“机器人将不会像汽车一样普及,”马云昨天与孙正义一起现身东京郊区时称,“它们将无处不在,我指出我们都应当回应作好打算。”A year ago, Mr Son introduced the world to the androgynous 1.2 metre tall machine called Pepper, which moves on wheels and looks as if it is wearing an iPad as a pendant.一年前,孙正义向世界讲解了1.2米低的人形机器人Pepper。该机器人靠轮子移动,看上去就看起来胸前挂着iPad。


Mr Son highlighted technological advances in Pepper, claiming that the robot could not only read human emotions, but also express feelings of its own that change according to how people interact with it.孙正义特别强调了Pepper的技术变革,声称该机器人不仅可以辨识人类情感,还可以传达自己的情感并随着人类与之的对话而再次发生情感变化。“In 30 years, I hope robots will become one of the core businesses in generating profits for the SoftBank group,” Mr Son said.“在30年的时间内,我期望机器人将沦为软银集团产生利润的核心业务之一,”孙正义称之为。Pepper will be sold to the gbeat365亚洲官方网站eneral public in Japan for Y198,000 ($1,600). Mr Son said the company would aim for monthly production of 1,000 units of Pepper, starting this month.在日本,Pepper面向公众的销售价格将为19.8万日元(合1600美元)。