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2020-09-09 21:34:01

【365bet备用网址】Apple said on Tuesday that it had rebuffed a Chinese government request to hand over the proprietary source code for its operating system. 苹果(Apple)周二回应,中国政府曾拒绝该公司交还其操作系统的私有源代码,但该公司没答允。 “We have been asked by the Chinese government and we refused,” Bruce Sewell, Apple’s general counsel, told members of the House energy and commerce committee, adding that the request came within the past two years. 苹果总法律顾问布鲁斯休厄尔(Bruce Sewell)对美国众议院能源和商业委员会回应:“中国政府向我们明确提出过这一拒绝,但我们拒绝接受了。

”他还回应,这一拒绝是在过去两年里明确提出的。 The government recently abandoned its legal effort to 365bet备用网址compel Apple to help the FBI circumvent the passcode on an iPhone used by one of the terrorists in last year’s San Bernardino shootings. 美国政府最近退出了法律上的希望,仍然强制苹果协助联邦调查局(FBI)关卡去年圣贝纳迪诺枪击案中一名恐怖分子用于过的iPhone。 Last month, Apple clarified its policies after the DoJ accused the company of making special accommodations for China, which the company denies. 上月,美国司法部(DoJ)谴责苹果对中国做出尤其的顾及,苹果回应不予坚称,并回应了自己的政策。 Revenues from Apple’s Greater China division, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, reached $18bn last quarter. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, says that China is likely to overtake the US to become its largest market. 苹果大中华区(不含香港和台湾)上一季度的营收超过180亿美元。

苹果首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)回应,中国很可能会多达美国沦为苹果的仅次于市场。 Apple last week said that it had received 1,005 requests related to 2,413 devices for customer information from the Chinese authorities in the second half of 2015. Apple provided data in two-thirds of those cases. 苹果上周回应,2015年下半年,中国当局向苹果明确提出了1005项获取设备用户信息的催促,牵涉到2413部设备。苹果答允了其中三分之二的催促。


That compares with 4,000 requests for information from American investigators regarding 16,112 devices. Apple provided data in 80 per cent of those cases. 美国调查人员则明确提出了4000项类似于的催促,牵涉到16112部设备。苹果答允了其中80%的催促。|365bet备用网址。